One of a kind memory  bears
handcrafted from your loved ones clothing.
Each memory bear is made special, using memorable logos, buttons, and  insignia whenever possible, to personalize them.  The bears hold lots of love and cherished memories of your deceased loved ones.

Your handcrafted memory bear will be cherished for years to come.  Please send  at least two items of your deceased loved ones' clothing.  Teddy's have been handcrafted using favorite cotton shirts, dresses, a beach towel, T-shirts, sweaters, denim jeans, flannel pajamas, sweat shirts. sports apparel, wedding apparel etc.
Articles of clothing  do not have to be the same fabric or texture, color coordinated clothing will enhance the appearance of the finished  bear.  Bears are approximately 22" from head to toe.

Teddy Angels  cherished memory bears

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<  What a beautiful way to remember your wedding day! 
<This special memory bear was made  using the only three items of clothing a daughter had from  her deceased mother and  father.  The colors of red  do not match but when  I heard the   'life story'  we both realized   the mismatched colors do not matter...Both of her parents   were in the same nursing home, and  the bright red sweater was worn by  the wife, so her husband  (who's eye sight was  failing),  could always find her!
<This memory bear  was made  using  a Grandpas actual engineer overhauls and his boxer shorts!
Four memory bears made for four brothers who all played  for the Pierre SD Governors basketball team!
These memory bears were  >  made using  a grandfathers'  Korean War Uniform.  The grandmother gave  each of her  grandson's a teddy bear!
Crown Royal Bears made  from
special edition  Crown Royal  bags!

  <  Very colorful  memory teddy bears!
<  This teddy is made from a Gate Of Heaven School Uniform!
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